We work closely with each of our clients to carefully define a Work Plan that suites your budget and anticipated outcomes. Below we’ve outlined some frequently offered services:

  • Full Service (Prime Consultant) – In addition to architectural design, as the prime consultant, we manage the project. When we operate as the prime consultant, we’re the one point of contact to the client, so you can rely on consistent guidance for projects with increased complexity, many stakeholders or a client group with limited construction experience. We manage the sub-consultants like engineers and advocate on behalf of the client to the contractor. Recently, we’ve operated as the Prime Consultant on Portugal Cove-St. Philips School.
  • Workshops, Planning and Programming – When our clients don’t know what they are looking for in space, we can help define the spatial requirements of activities (program). We fine-tune our method based on the project’s timeline and stakeholder group. In the past this has included leading charettes, user group workshops or public meetings. We led a number of charettes to help define the program for Choices for Youth’s proposed Young Parents Resource Centre.
  • Feasibility and Preliminary Design – Our years of experience help us quickly and efficiently synthesize your vision for design. Typically, our clients use these documents for funding applications, presentations, or to determine whether the project is feasible and worth pursuing. We worked collaborated to develop the architectural feasibility of the new St. John’s Farmers’ Market.
  • Interior Design – Our interior design department provides a range of services from a simple office furniture layout to envisioning of a complete interior design concept that reinforces a company brand or creates the right mood for a restaurant. We can also specify manufactured furniture or design custom furniture to complete your space. One example of our interiors is the Luxus Hotel or the St. John’s Fish Exchange.
  • Renovations and Upgrades – We help buildings grow with our clients. You may need to renovate to meet universal accessibility or fire and life safety requirements, change a building’s function, upgrade the envelope to fix leaks or add insulation. We can help guide you through the process. We helped the owner of the ICON Building on Kenmount Road address leaks and get a more energy efficient building.

Complete list of architectural Services [PDF] – Document Produced by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada