• Car Dealerships

Various Locations

FMA has operated as the prime consultant and architect for many of the car dealerships in St. John’s and throughout the province. In each case we have worked closely with the local team and corporate headquarters to assure brand compliance. While in most cases, the ‘storefront’ area must be in strict adherence with corporate branding standards, we work with the franchisee to design the rest of the building within their budget, site constraints and local regulatory requirements.

The ‘back of house’ space includes service space, parts storage, training rooms and offices. These spaces can have very technical requirements. For example, the high bay service areas include hydraulic lifts, air compressors, carbon dioxide sensors and other exacting equipment. In these circumstances we recognize proactive leadership as the best way to assure all systems are coordinated to avoid conflicts during construction.

Each dealership is different and each varies in their image and functional layout. These items are tied directly to their individual service and corporate philosophy.