• Mealy Mountain Collegiate & Arts Centre

Provincial and Municipal Governments
Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL

In 2003 the Mealey Mountain Collegiate School was opened.  The school has 27 classrooms and provides specialized facilities not previously available in the area.  For example, this school has a biology lab, arts room, fabrication lab, home economics classroom etc. When opened, however, the school did not have a performing arts theatre which the town desperately wanted.

After consistent lobbying, in 2009, the Lawrence O’Brien Arts Centre was added onto the back of the school.  The addition contains a 409 person theatre which is run by the community and has become a staple for performing arts in the area.

Both the original building and addition were designed with aspects like pitched and mansard roofs to bring down the scale of the building and give it a more ‘home-like’ feel.

STATUS: Completed 2009 (School completed 2003)
SERVICES PROVIDED: Prime Consultant, Architectural Design, Interior Design
BUILDING TYPE: New Construction/Addition
BUDGET: $13,800,000
PROGRAM: Grade 8 – Level IV school including drama room, gym, science labs, home economics, fabrication shop, and a 409 person theatre.
SIZE: 57,000 ft2 (5,339 m2) total building area
DESIGN TEAM (SCHOOL): Mechanical Engineering – Newton Engineering, Electrical Engineering – Crosbie Engineering, Structural Engineering – Nova Consultants Inc., Civil Engineering – CBCL and Nova Consultants Inc.
PHOTOGRAPHY: Fougere Menchenton Architecture