• Mile One and Convention Centre

City of St. John’s
St. John’s, NL

As the winner of a two phase design competition, this project was awarded in 1998. The project consists of two separate facilities: a 6000 seat spectator facility on the North side of New Gower Street, a 40,000ft2 convention facility on the South side of the street. The two buildings are linked with an overhead pedestrian skywalk and a plaza at the West End of George Street. The large convention assembly room is equipped with a full kitchen and the hall is sized to service 1200 people seated.

The design team had two fundamental goals that drove the architectural concept: an animated pedestrian experience along New Gower Street and a sensitively scaled building. This latter point was to minimize the impact of a large building and maintaining views of St. John’s harbour from Central Street.

The Civic Centre is a major focal point for the City of St. John’s and a ceremonial node for New Gower Street. The design celebrates the growth of the City as it moves towards realizing an exciting urban entertainment centre. The imagery of the building draws on the historic/nautical characteristics of St. John’s. The design team drew inspiration from the architecture of marine vessels, both historical and modern, and the harbours that shelter them; working wharfs with their bustling activity in foreign and domestic commodities; and the strength of the “island” that characterizes the people and geography of both the City and the Province.

STATUS: Completed 2001, phased
SERVICES PROVIDED: Architectural Consultant Services, Architectural Design, Interior Design
BUILDING TYPE: New Construction
BUDGET: $45,000,000
PROGRAM: Arena, Convention Centre
SIZE: 24,000 sq ft (10,700 sq. ft-142 Military Road, 13,700 sq. ft – 135 Military Road)
DESIGN TEAM: Prime Consultant, Mechanical, Electrical, Structural and Civil Engineering – Newfoundland Design Associates Ltd. Structural Design (Convention Centre) – FGA Consulting Engineers, Specialist Consultants: PBK Architects