• The Keg Restaurant

The Keg Restaurant in St. John’s decided to move into a larger space next door when they were bursting at the seams in their previous location.  The new location was a previous restaurant, so there was a fairly major renovation required to make the restaurant look and feel different than its past use and represent the Keg Restaurant brand.

Overall the restaurant design can be described as ‘sophisticated industrial’.  The restaurant takes inspiration from the adjacent working harbor with its industrial elements, but draws from the Keg brand to add warm elements and an air of sophistication.  The material palette is warm wood, leather and soft blue fabrics.  There are many different zones which break down the scale of the 14,000 square foot restaurant into more intimate and cozy seating zones.  A sensible scale is achieved in different ways such as seating, varying floor levels, and lighting.

A glass elevator with exposed mechanisms sits next to the entrance and is as beautiful as the art on the walls.  The elevator seems as posh as the glassware and silverware which echo its material palette.

STATUS: Completed 2016
SERVICES PROVIDED: Architectural Design, Interior Design
BUDGET: undisclosed
PROGRAM: Restaurant
SIZE: 14,000 ft2 (1,285 m2)
DESIGN TEAM: Mechanical and Electrical Engineering – Stantec
CONTRACTOR: Magna Contracting and Management