• The Lilly

Choices for Youth
St. John’s, NL

The goal for The Lilly was clear from the outset of the project: A building that fosters a sense of pride and community in a shared home for youth facing homelessness. To achieve this goal, during the design process FMA emphasized simplicity of construction, retaining the building’s existing character and developing a gradient of public to private spaces.

The Lilly is in the centre of rich urban fabric of St. John’s. This project was the significant renovation and addition of a former merchant storage building. It was a challenge to retain the building’s existing character and place within the urban fabric, while maximizing sustainable practices and bringing the new building up to current building code and accessibility requirements. Also, it was important for this project to keep the construction simple, so that the youth could actively be involved in both the design and construction process and the project could stay within the non-profit’s strict budgetary requirements.

FMA (as Ron Fougere Associates) worked closely with the client, Choices for Youth, to develop the program for the building using an extensive engagement process to balance the needs of all stakeholders including Choices for Youth directors, user groups and multiple funding bodies. The inhabitants had an active role in shaping the building and were even involved in the construction as the pilot project for Choices for Youth’s Train for Trades Program. As the building is placed within a historic area of St. John’s the design team had to carefully balance old and new to satisfy the broader community and historic regulators. After completion the project won a Southcott Award for built heritage.

Coupled with the above requirements, the project received funding under Newfoundland and Labrador’s Green Fund. Energy efficient design choices such as daylighting, as a primary means of lighting interior spaces, also increased insulation, heat recovery ventilation, zoning and time of day scheduling for mechanical and electrical systems were incorporated into the design and final product.

Since construction, the Lilly building has proven to be a successful adaptation of a previous building. The building balances history while updating to meet the client’s current requirements. In 2014 the building won Newfoundland and Labrador’s inaugural Lieutenant Governor Award for Architectural Excellence.

STATUS: Completed 2010
SERVICES PROVIDED: Programming, Architectural, Interior Design, Prime Consultant
BUILDING TYPE: Addition and Renovation
BUDGET: $1,800,000